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BoxWrench.net is a community and resource designed for automotive & motorcyle enthusiasts.
We provide educational videos for engine building, mechanic tool usage and transmission rebuilding.

Transmission Rebuild DVD Carburetor Install & Tuning DVD
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BoxWrench Instructional Engine Building DVD samples on YouTube

Free tips and tricks for engine building, carb help, and transmission swapping.

Automotive, Mechanic, and Hot Rod Gifts for the Holidays in our Products Section!

The Products section is where you can get copies of DVDs in the BoxWrench Video Series. Currently there are three awesome videos.

The Basic Engine Building DVD is over three hours of engine building that covers everything from removal and disassembly to final assembly and engine start-up. This is the ultimate DVD for any home mechanic or engine enthusiast that wants to learn a complete engine overhaul from Teardown to Start-Up.
The Holley Installation and Tuning DVD ships in every new carburetor box from the Holley factory, but is available here for purchase if you already have a Holley carburetor. The principals and techniques shown can be applied to any type of carburetor.
The 'Rebuilding the Small Block Chevy - VideoBook' is an incredible resource. It's a full rebuild manual that takes you step by step through a complete street rod engine rebuild. It also includes half of our very own original BoxWrench '8-Point Rebuild' DVD that has over 2 hrs. of super detailed video instructions.
NEW! 'Fix My Hog' Harley Davidson Maintenance & Repair DVDs!We now offer all five DVDs from the 'Fix My Hog' Series. Three cover maintenance & repair, and two focus on aftermarket, bolt-on hi-performance parts and upgrades. Great companions to your Harley Davidson repair manual. Train from certified mechanics and do the factory service yourself!

The Engine Specs section of the site contains the critical engine rebuild and engine tuning information for many popular makes of American V8 engines. Specs included are; Firing Order, Engine Cylinder Numbering, Distributor Rotation direction, Engine Torque Specs, Intake Manifold and Cylinder Head tightening sequences and lubricant and sealer recommendations for engine bolts.


The BoxWrench Community Forum is a place where engine builders or engine enthusiasts can chat and ask questions about automotive engine rebuilding, overhauling, performance engine building and tuning and other automotive related topics. Forums on Exhaust, Water Systems, Ignition and Spark as well as Brakes and Suspension can be found there.

The Links section of the site gives contact information to various automotive related companies that we recommend as useful parts suppliers or for further research in the automotive enthusiast community.

The About Us section give contact information for BoxWrench Media.

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